what programs do you use to illustrate? Your work is executed seamlessly.

i only use photoshop :) and thanks :)

It’s all you need.

Busy night. Tryna get rid of the rust.


Your drawings are absolutely astonishing 😍😫

thanksss :3

Bruh your work hella trill any tips ?

thanks, bruh. tips. just draw whatevs man haha

Do you think you could do a wu tang type drawing,like the rest of the rappers? Love you artwork 👌

i’ll think about it, bruh. and thanks! :D

Your shit is sick man 100% RESPECT

thanks, dude!

I'm an illustrator too, what kind of stuff do you do to get yourself out of a creative block? Cuz I'm having a creative block.

sometimes i usually wait till i get in the mood, look at stuff for inspiration, or like force myself to draw whatever

What technique did you use for the rap artists ones, I would really like to experiment with that style

i just drew the faces and split them up